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Gmail or Google account

Gmail or the google account is a platform where an individual not only do professional but personal emails as well. In the age where everyone is connected with some social media platform, Gmail serves the purpose of free email services at one click. It is an efficient service used by every single person worldwide. The service is advertising-supported and offers people with video chats, data storage, emails, etc.

You can have easy access to Gmail through any web and also through third-party programs which synchronize the contents of the email by IMAP protocols. Initially, Gmail had a storage capacity of one gigabyte per user which is now extended to 15 gigabytes. You are allowed to receive and send attachments, emails, larger files, etc.

It proves a wide range of language inputs, which makes it easy to understand by people all across the globe. Apart from all these attractive features which make the communication effective, Gmail also takes complete care of the security of the data shared by the users. The two-step verification, keeping the data safe, 24-hour lockdowns and restriction of child pornography are some safety

Gmail account recovery

At times, people tend to lose access to their accounts due to various reasons. To this problem, they seek solutions to recover their Gmail accounts. The brand provides the very best and simple steps to the users for Gmail account recovery. In case you are not using the account for nine months, then the option of recovering your account doesn’t hold up. Losing access to your account would be a thing of concern, but there are straightforward steps to reclaim your account. check your recovery email @

Recover my Gmail account

The primary concern in today’s world is losing access to your social accounts. People start searching for answers to recover their Gmail account and sometimes end up getting confused. There are no hard and fast rules for this but straightforward steps to follow to get back your account.

The Gmail account is what holds up a lot of details for you and losing on to this account will be a nightmare to you. You can very quickly get the access back by following the steps to recover your Gmail account.

Steps to Gmail account recovery

Recovering your Gmail account can be a hectic thing for a few people, but Google offers the simplest of the steps to recover your Gmail account-

  1. Visit Google’s account recovering page and enter your account’s details
  2. Click the next button
  3. If you have linked your mobile number to your account, you can use that too to recover your Gmail account.
  4. You can use this number to receive an SMS regarding the recovery of the account
  5. Or you can answer the secret questions.

These are a few simple steps helping you in Gmail recovery form in a short period. You can quickly recover your account from these steps. In case, you have not been using your account for nine months, and Google considers your account abandoned and then you cannot recover your account. To get more help call Google Account Recovery Phone Number.      


11 thoughts on “Gmail account recovery – Gmail Password Reset Help

  1. My accounts been under the same phone number since I created them when I hit the find my account ding and put in my phone number in my name my account to come up on my phone but they won’t let me login or sign into them and I don’t know why

  2. I have been hacked and can’t get into my Gmail account for quite a while now, I don’t have the same phone and I don’t have a recovery email to use. Please help me get my account back. I can provide information if that would help the email is ****

  3. I forgot my Gmail JOHN*******MAR4@GMAIL.COM Account password and I am not able to recover it. I lost my Mobile in which I was using the Gmail account. As TWO WAY VERIFICATION was enabled for this account and I do not have the access to my Recover Email ID. I do have access to my recover Mobile Number 7353259***. I am trying from last four Months but not able to do so. I have so many Important Documents in its Google Drive so please help me to get the issue resolved.

  4. I have forgot my gmail password of this account ( mhtkumar*** ). Whenever I’m trying to reset new password Google asking two 2 step verification which is not remember. I have same phone phone number on which I’m getting OTP. And remember last password. But after all Google asking for 2 step verification. Please turn off my 2 step verification codes

  5. Dear sir/mam my Google account password change and someone use it without my permission. Also my recovery email and recovery phone number was changed. Kindly investigate it and recover my account
    My hacked email: atifaslamkeaa***
    My last password: *************
    Recovery mobile: *************
    Recovery email: man****
    Created date: June 2019

  6. I’m locked out of both my Gmail accounts…I have 2 step verification on both of them each one being the recovery account for the other. boyfriend got into my accounts and changed my passwords and now I can’t get into either one. I have very important things backed up to my Gmail I really need to resolve this I can do whatever I need to do to prove its me…. The Gmail accounts are
    Jennifer386beach**** (primary)

  7. I forget my password. Please help me to get my account if i lost my gmail then i lost everything. I have my verification phone number but why i don’t now its not work. Please help me

  8. I have written many mails regarding Google not providing solution. My mail id shanti**** was created by me on 09/12/2009 and after giving correct information also i am not helped. Please help

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