17 thoughts on “How do I recover my Google account via phone number? – Helpline

  1. My minor son cannot access his gmail account. We can’t seem to get his password to work or to reset it. Please call me (his mother) to hep us fix this.

  2. I really need to recover my Google account I got a new phone, and when I got it the number was changed, and now I can’t get into my account or anything I can’t even get up my verification and it won’t also let me it didn’t say it also knows me or knows that account, and I’ve had this account for like 10-12 years I want my account.
    After searching for the google phone number, I didn’t get any, please help me.

  3. Lost all my details to login to my google account
    can’t reset as i have a different phone now
    also google has my old email address
    could you please help me

  4. +44 7544 01**** can’t access my gmail account and I’ve tried everything the number above is no longer accessible but it’s what I used originally

  5. Have forgotten Gmail password. Installed new version of Firefox which did not pick up bookmarks and passwords from previous version. Cannot provide Google with details of when it was set up, or another registered email account for them to send me anything as old email address (Homecall) automatically redirects to the Gmail account that I cannot access .

  6. my email password and added mobile number lost.pls call me to recover my email. my email is mdnurhosse****@gmail.com

  7. I can’t login into my yahoo mail because I don’t have access to the missing digits I used to register my mail….. please I need a help.

  8. Fido cut my cellphone line, sorry i didn’t pay my bills yet. I really needs my Gmail addresses

  9. Google couldn’t verify my account while i still have access to my recovery gmail. Google sent me the code on my recovery gmail and i entered it but still google couldn’t verify that the acount belongs to me

  10. I forgot my password to my email account and the recovery phone and email that I have no longer exist
    I need help to get into my email account to be able to get info

  11. Got a new hard drive so I am having to put programs back in computer including gmail. I don’t remember when I first got my gmail account so I can’t recover my account. You have my phone number and can verify that I’m receiving notifications but I can’t recover my account until I can remember when I started my account years ago. Help!

  12. I do not remember my password for my email and cannot answer the security question because it was over ten years ago that I set my e-mail up!

  13. Request to restore my google account , not allowing to login , nor asking for security question , nor sending OTP on mobile.
    Your are trying to sign in from an unrecognized device pls try login latter.
    I tried almost 100s of time now but unable to login… pls help

  14. Unable to open google account .. tried every possible way , but invane …. pls pls pls request for help. My ccount email id to recover is ****naslekar@gmail.com … another ..account to contact me is ****ararjun@gmail.com

  15. Have owned my gmail account daniel_cr***@yahoo.com since 2009. My last access to this account was in 2017, in which I went away for 2 years without accessing my account. I remember previous passwords but not my last passwords and the phone number 559832**** is no longer a working number. My new number is 559862****. Thank you for your assistance in regaining access to my account

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