5 thoughts on “Hotmail Account Recovery | Reset Forgot Password and Username

  1. I lost access to my account matthew75612@hotmail.com. All of my passwords are related to my kids and ex wife. 1906 for my two oldest, 1520 for my two youngest, and d e b for Denise Eileen Becker. The numbers 75612 is my offender ID number. That’s the number I was given when I went into prison back in 2004. I need access to this email. Let me know id theres any other additional info you need and I will do what I can.

    1. It is a very extraordinary case, for such case you have to direct contact with @Hotmail customer service number at the above mention tollfree.

  2. Hello,
    I have an account and made it a long time ago in Lebanon. they asked me to send the code on this number but the number now with a girl and the refused to give me the code. I made the other way to answer the questions but it doesn’t work. this email is linked to my icloud and now my phone is locked because of this.

    we use the accounts to make our life easy but it seems that it goes to destroy our life and memories.

    What is the solution to this problem ???????????????????????????????????
    please I need help because I have very important Infos in my locked phone
    thanks in Advance

  3. I had a Hotmail account years ago called: fortezzar****@hotmail.co.uk and .com. I think I have got my password and I keep getting messages from Hotmail telling me my account needs bringing up to date but I have no idea how to do it.
    Tagged keep sending me a password to my Hotmail account but I am not receiving it because I am no up to date. Can you help me please.

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