Is Yahoo so slow?

Why is Yahoo so slow?

Yahoo email service is among the top email service facilities in the entire world. It has millions of registered users from different parts of the world. Yahoo mail has a user-friendly interface which makes it the first preference of many users. It is widely used both for professional and personal purposes. Although, Yahoo mail users at times face a variety of issues with their Yahoo mail account. Users face problems such the sign-in errors; password reset errors, hacked accounts, and many other similar ones.

One of such issues that annoy and proves highly inconvenient to the users is that sometimes emails in Yahoo mail do not respond or are very slow in Yahoo. Such things become incredibly annoying when the user immediately needs to access their emails urgently. There can be several different reasons for such slow working or responses in Yahoo. Their troubles may be a result of a slow network, technical issues in Yahoo’s official website, etc.  In such cases, users can try the following tips and tricks mentioned below to troubleshoot the problems on their own.

Why is Yahoo so slow?

  • The user should make sure that the problems they are facing with the Yahoo service are not because of their network connection. It happens several times that Yahoo fails to respond due to slow internet connectivity. Check that the internet connection is not lazy and is strong enough to send, receive or load the mail.
  • Make sure that you are using the latest web browser. Sometimes, the latest versions of Yahoo mail does not work or respond in the older versions of the browser. It is suggested to update the web browser to the most recent versions to enjoy fast browsing.
  • Clear all the browsing history, temporary or worthless files, cache, and cookies. Such things make browsing slow. Also, make sure to disable the external browser plugins. There are different ways to do the things mentioned above in various browsers.
  • Make sure that you have active and enable JavaScript in your system.
  • Do not keep too many emails displayed in one single page of your Yahoo mail page. Look for the option to remove the unwanted emails from the home page of Yahoo mail from the settings of your Yahoo mail web page.
  • Yahoo allows its users to also use third-party email clients such as Mac Mail, Sparrow, Thunderbird, etc.
  • The advanced view for Yahoo mail can also lead to slow responding of the service. In case your Yahoo mail returns slow in spite of being connected to an active internet connection, it is suggested that the user switches to the Basic View for faster loading of your Yahoo emails.
  • Try to fix your Yahoo mail by disabling your antivirus and firewall temporarily. Sometimes, the antivirus and firewall can make the system and web browser slow.
  • Try to sign in to your Yahoo mail account from any other computer, mobile or any other device.
  • Try resetting the basic settings of your browser and keep all the settings to default. At times, a user unknowingly changes some necessary technical settings that lead to slow loading of the browser. Set all the settings to default, restart your system and try to log in to your Yahoo mail account.

By performing the above steps, one should be able to solve the slow loading problem in their Yahoo mail account. If you are still not able to overcome the slow responding issues in Yahoo mail or are also experiencing some other issues in the Yahoo mail account, it is suggested to call the Yahoo mail customer care for further help and assistance.

The Yahoo customer care team is a reliable service. Yahoo Mail customer support service team has a team of a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals. The Yahoo customer support team has ample experience and skills to bring the best possible solution for all the problems and queries of the users regarding the Yahoo mail service.


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