2 thoughts on “Minecraft Account Recovery | Reset Mojang Password and Username Help

  1. My son lost his minecraft account downloaded in his mobile. His Dad paid for it. But then it started saying he did not have a license. He decided to delete the app intending to just re-install it. But when he decided to download it again, he realized that he had to pay again.
    Is there a way to recover the license without requiring a password? Being a kid, he did not take down whatever password was used when we bought it. Can it be done by simply verifying through his Dad’s email?

    We hope you can help. You may email johnnyma*******@gmail.com or lipadmacar****@gmail.com.
    We are in the Philippines. There is no Philippines in your country codes.

  2. Old account with the username “lord_psydo” that I made 7-ish years ago can’t get access to anymore. When I try to migrate account I’m told it’s already been migrated but when I try to sign in it tells me I have the wrong information.

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